Team and organization

Our goals

  • allow you to learn kitesurfing and improve securely, with your own rythm and with fun
  • make you become an independent kitesurfer
  • already independent, allow you to ride in a magnificient environment, to perfect your skills and discover beautiful downwinds in Mauritius

Our team




Founder of this kiteschool ; water is really his element.

He was born in Le Morne core area.

His priorities : your security during kitesurf classes and your pleasure.

His preferred piece of advice : "RELAAAAX"!

Kitesurf class : David and 2 super kiting mums

The other kitesurf instructors of the team :

Our instructors are very well experienced instructors.

They listen to you and their pedagogy is adapted to your goals, creating a cool atmosphere.


Our International champion... Ron won the RIKF 2016 championship (Rodrigues International KiteSurf Festival). In a few words, Ron knows everything about kiting: Freestyle, waves, strapless. He likes the big air jumps and hit the sky with huge freestyle tricks. In freestyle, no worry, all tricks are here! Last but not least, Ron is a very professional instructor, with lot of teaching experience from different places, very patient. Always a smile across his face. What else ???







Karine, the school secretary

She does the paperwork and answers to your emails :

  • concerning kitesurf inquiries (lessons/package, rental, downwinds, etc...)
  • she can help you organize accomodation, transport rental, airport transfer, etc...

Native from Le Morne area, they have a very good knowledge of the spot and more generally of Mauritius. They will :

  • give you information about Le Morne kitesurf spot
  • lead you lesson after lesson towards the right steps to become an independent kitesurf
  • prepare you to your first jumps or your first rides in the waves
  • guide you through all kitesurf spots in Mauritius and organize downwinds
  • share a great deal of information about sportive, cultural and traditional activities to be done in Mauritius
End of kitesurf lesson : David and a student
Kitesurf class in Mauritius
Smiling end of a kitesurf classe : Charlotte and her student

Feel free to contact us anytime :

Our organization

Our kiteschool is located in typical Mauritian village of Le Morne, in the South West of Mauritius.

Lesson schedule :

There are 2 classes scheduled per day :

  • one class at 10:00 am
  • one class at 02:00 pm

Schedules must be adapted to tide and wind conditions and may be adjusted in consequence.

Please contact us in advance to know the exact lesson schedules.

Lesson content :

  • Every kitesurf lesson starts on land :
1st day First contact:-), we talk about your goals
 We present you Le Morne spot
Each lesson

Theory :

     - for 1st beginner lesson : about 30 minutes

     - when necessary, about a precise point : 5 minutes

We prepare the geer

Everybody gets prepared (harness, helmet, booties, wetsuit)

Group of students

  • The major part of the lesson is practical, in the lagoon :

More information on : Kitesurf page

  • At the end of the session, on land :

Debriefing time. We pack the kites and all the equipment. Then we get drinks and snacks !