Our Kitesurf services

Our kitesurf services are adapted to both your level and goals :

Kitesurf lesson, Mauritius

Kitesurf lessons
(beginners, intermediate)

Kitesurf lesson : wave riding and freestyle, Mauritius
Kitesurf equipment rental, Mauritius

Equipment rental
(with assistance or not)

Kitesurf downwinds in Mauritius

  • You don't know anything about wind or riding : no worries !
    Our experienced and qualified instructors lead you lesson after lesson to make you learn this sport
  • You have aldready had kitsurf lessons and you want to go on increasing your skills :
    we evaluate your level with you, set your goals and we adapt the lesson content consequently. Our mission : make you become an independent kitesurfer !
  • You are an advanced kitesurfer and you want to learn how to jump or how to ride the waves with a kite :
    step by step, our experts help to to reach your goal
  • You are already an independent kitesurfer and you want to practice this sport in Mauritius :
    you can rent kitesurf equipment with or without assistance
  • You are instersted in joining a nice downwind in a great landscape in Mauritius :
    on demand, we can organize 3 different downwinds in Le Morne area and further in Mauritius