Kitesurf lessons

Beginners and intermediates lessons

We propose :

  •  2hrs lessons from 4 000 Rupees (about 100 Euros*) per person
  • A special package of 10hrs lessons from 19 000 Rs (abt 475 Euros*) per person
  • Lessons with only 2 students per instructor
  • Private lessons on demand
  • Always according to your own pace and goals
  • Equipment and boat transfer in the Morne Village lagoon included

Contact us to get more information and book a lesson or package.

(*): depending on exchange rate

Kitesurf lesson in Mauritius

Expert lessons : Waves and Freestyle

Kiteschool Morne Village experts will teach you :

  • WAVE riding with your kitesurf
  • FREESTYLE : jumping
Kitesurf wave riding in Mauritius
Learn how to jump in Mauritius
High kitesurf freestyle jump by a champion in Mauritius

Required level :

Minimum level in kitesurfing is IKO 3-M level.

It means that you need to know : how to release your chicken-loop security system and put it back in its place properly, ride upwind, turn without stopping.

Concerning wave riding kitesurf lessons :

Wave riding preparation class in lagoon, Mauritius



  • At the beginning, lessons will take place in the lagoon so that you learn how to ride with a unidirectional board (surf board) and how to make the turns (jibes)
  • Then, it will be time for the waves. Starting from this point, lessons must be private lessons.


Contact us to get more information and book a class or package.