Equipment rental

We rent kitesurf equipment :

  • on our spot : Le Morne Village in Mauritius
  • with or without assistance
  • starting from 1600 Rupees (about 40-43 Euros depending on exchange rate) for 2hrs
  • with decreasing rates according to rental period
Boat ride back and forth to the spot Assistance
Without assistance X X (if you want)  
 With assistance X X X

To make things easier : we advice you to bring your own wetsuit and adapted booties.


Contact us to get more information about our rates and book.

Kitesurf equipment rental in Mauritius
Kitesurf equipment rental with assistance in Le Morne, Mauritius

Required level :

Minimum level of kitesurf to rent equipment is IKO Level 3-K.

You need to know how to release the chicken-loop security system and put it back in its place properly, as well as ride upwind.

Equipment damaged or lost :

If there is any damaged or lost equipment :

the person who is renting the concerned equipment is entirely responsible for its repair and/or replacement.