Kitesurf spots and wind in Mauritius

Le Morne different kitesurf spots, Mauritius
Mauritius kitesurf spots
Mauritius wind and weather

Le Morne different kitesurf spots

There are a lot of kitesurf spots in Mauritius. Some are ideal to learn kitesurfing, others are perfect for riding, jumping or even surfing in the waves.

Our favorite spot in Mauritius is Le Morne village spot. It works very well during a great part of the year. It is particularly adapted to learn how to kitesurf and improve your kitesurfing skills in a secure environment.

According to wind directions, we also go kitesurfing in other spots around le Morne or even further spots around Mauritius.

Le Morne different kitsurf spots, Mauritius

Le Morne village kitesurf spot

 Perfect place to learn kitesurfing and practice
securely and with no stress

  • Lagoon features: Huge lagoon - shallow (can stand everywhere) - no current. Start from the beach ok with South-East wind
  • Beach, nap, picnic : Located in the middle of a traditional and typical village, far from mass tourism ! Several snack places to have a bite. Beach not suitable for swimming

Ideal wind : South East

Vent de Sud - Sud Est

All levels


Kitesurf in waves
(St Jacques Pass)

Bel Ombre kitesurf spot

Nice spot with East wind, can be crowded

  • Lagoon features: Medium size (can stand on 50% of the spot) - average to strong current. Start from the beach ok
  • Beach, nap, picnic : Nice beach with a lot of shadow. Located just next to a Beach Club with swimming pool

Ideal wind : East


All levels


Kitesurf in waves
(2 passes)

Ile aux Bénitiers kitesurf spot

Amazing spot with North wind, can only be accessed by boat (from La Gaulette)

  •  Lagoon features : Huge lagoon - shallow (can stand everywhere) - no current. Start from the beach ok
  • Beach, nap, picnic : Beach with a lot of shadow. Beautiful place to spend the entire day. Must bring a picnic and a lot of water!

Ideal wind : North

All levels

No wave

Le Morne public beach kitesurf spot

Nice spot with north wind. Launching the kite is not easy

  • Lagoon features : Deep lagoon - average to strong current- choppy.
    Launching the kite from the beach can be difficult depending on the tide
  • Beach, nap, picnic : Very nice beach, suitable for swimming

Ideal wind : North


Advanced kitesurfers

Kitesurf in waves
(One Eye)

Other kitesurf spots around Mauritius

Mauritius has its secret spots for kitesurfing and we can help you discover our preferred spots, depending on your skills (Freeride, Freestyle or Waves).

Different kitesurf spots in Mauritius

See above : le Morne area different kitesurf spots (1: Le Morne, 2: Bel Ombre, 9: Ile aux Bénitiers)

Riambel kite spot

Small lagoon, strong current. Suitable to take very nice freestyle pictures

Pointe d'Esny kite spot

 Big deep lagoon. Beach start can be difficult (sailing boats). Beginners : must have a boat

Belle Mare kite spot

Small lagoon, tiny waves spot

Cap Malheureux kite spot

Big lagoon

Pointe aux Canonniers kite spot

Big deep lagoon

Flic en Flac kite spot

Small flat lagoon. Make sure to respect swimming areas

Wind and kitesurf seasons in Mauritius

The wind season in Mauritius is long and very suitable to learn kitesurfing.

Main wind season (June to September)

The core season for kitesurf in Mauritius

  • South-East trade winds, 18 to 35 knots
  • Nice temperature during the day, little bit cooler at night (20°C). Water: 20-24°C
  • Integral wetsuit appreciated

Wind everyday

Mixed weather


Integral wetsuit 2-4mm

Mid-season (April-May and October-November)

Some very nice windy periods, with welcomes warm temperatures

  • Still windy with some calm days
  • Wind between 10 and 25 knots, sometimes East or North wind
  • Warm and nice weather (25-30°C), which allows to do a lot of activities if there is no wind
  • Shorty wetsuit  appreciated

Wind everyday

Nice weather

Shorty wetsuit

Hot season (December to March)

Some very nice windy periods, with hot temperatures

  • Thermal winds replace trade winds. Mostly blowing in the afternoon. Fewer windy days than the rest of the year but still windy.
  • Wind between 10 and 25 knots
  • Hot weather (35-40°C), ideal for beach and nautical activities!
  • Lycra and board short are enough

Thermal wind

Nice hot weather

Lycra Board short